As a former entrepreneur, I have been involved in the establishment and expansion of my company for a long time. This was accompanied by a lot of stress, little free time and little quality of life. So I decided to go a new way. I then started my new life on Mallorca as a winemaker and fulfilled my dream.

IIn 2009, the wine was planted on an undeveloped plot of land and a year later the construction of a house with an adjoining bodega began. My vision, living in my own vineyard, slowly took shape.

I acquired my interest and experience in winemaking from childhood. Both my uncle from Apulia and my mother’s relatives from Württemberg had their own wineries. I worked from childhood on in the vineyard and in the cellar and got to know the essential processes. Over the years, I have intensified this knowledge through intensive studies of viticulture. Stefan Winterling, an experienced oenologist by profession, also advises me with his many years of experience in viticulture on Mallorca.

My goal in developing my wines is to have them meet my own requirements without compromise. In the production process, it is important to me that I take care of everything from the work in the vineyard to bottling everything myself in the bodega.

That’s what winemaking is all about for me. To see plants and grapes grow, the work in the vineyard and, as a highlight, bottling in bottles bearing one’s own name, which are an incentive to produce really high quality.