In the production of my wines I follow a consistent path. I work without any artificial irrigation and for red wine with a planting distance of only 80 cm. The plants are thus exposed to high competition and the grapes are smaller but more concentrated. This results in expressive wines which I aim to produce. All grapes, except for the callet, are produced on my land. I buy the autochthonous callet from a farmer from Felanitx, from whom I have rented a plot of land with old vines. The reason for this is that callet vines only produce good grapes when they are at least 30 years old.

I produce 3 red wines, one white wine. In 2015 I first produced a vintner’s sparkling wine (842 bottles) which remains stored on the yeast for one year and in 2016 a rosé (approx. 1,000 bottles) for the first time. I generally use large barrels of French oak with 500 and 1,200 liters for my red wines. The reason for this is that I am not a friend of dominant wood tannins, but rather like to keep the wood in the background in favor of the fruit. I build my Chardonnay and the rosé in concrete eggs. What originally started as a trial installation soon found many followers and imitators among the winemakers on the island. My Chardonnay stays on the fine yeast for between 6 months and one year and thus gets a blend that clearly distinguishes it from a common Chardonnay.